Intercambio Paraguayo

My journey as an exchange student in Paraguay

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Some paraguayan music at a birthday party today

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Changing houses

Since ive last updated, i have switched host families. Everyone does this on exchange, to get a more diverse experience.

Everything with my new family is great. I love my first family, and i wasn’t really sure how i felt about changing. But now that i have, i love this family too. I will hopefuuly get photos up soon

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Feliz Navidad, Yall!

Okay, I know it’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged about exchange. Sorry.
But since I’ve updated, thanksgiving and Christmas have passed. I had had plans to make a thanksgiving meal with the other exchangers from the U.S. but plans fell though and it just didn’t happen. Christmas, of course, was celebrated here, although it is nothing like it is at home.

some of the key differences:
1. It’s summer here…it got up to 100 degrees on Christmas day!
2. No presents. The only gift I received was a package from my family back home (filled with peanut butter, koolaid, cake mix, books, and such.)
3. We did absolutely nothing Christmas day. They celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. There’s food and fireworks and that sort of thing. All I did Christmas day was watch Harry Potter most of the day…and the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Those are just a couple things, but Christmas here was so different.

These are from Christmas eve:

(me and my parents)

(Me and my cousin)

(Me and puppy)

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…Just a few photos from my trip to Iguazu falls, Argentina (all of them are on Facebook). This trip was part of an inbound orientation type thing that we had for all the exchange students in my district. The district includes all of paraguay, and part of northern Argentina. The falls are amazing. Absulutely breathtaking and HUGE! I definitely want to go again at some point this year. Had a great time and it was awesome to get to see and meet all the other exchange students.

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